Thanks for taking the time to chat and answer my questions last week. I installed your cam and lifters this past weekend and wanted to reach out and tell you wow! is that thing fun in my 114 roadglide. I had a slight tick with the factory lifters and your platinum lifters are dead silent. The machining was top notch. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. I’ve raced sprint cars for years and done a fair amount of my own engine work short of machining and I can say without a doubt these were some of the nicest roller lifters I’ve seen. Oh and the idle lope out of that xd cam has all my buddy’s wanting it now! Thank you again and God bless.

Jesse Cripe



Hi Bob. Just wanted to share with you my

results with your TW6G(510lift) cam.

I bought your cams on my sons


His dyno charts is on your site as

well with a 117/9bg. This combo really

pulls hard. The torque with this cam is


Thanks for another great product Bob…

The build is a 103 ci 10.2 compression

Hillside stage II heads TW6G cams Bored

2 piece delphi throttle body Rhinehart

true duals TTS tuned by Dave at JD’s

Cycleworks. Dyno Run

Thanks Bob,




Just wanted to drop you a thanks, I sent you my dyno sheet last week after my engine build and
I had 59hp you told me from the sheet I was Wet Sumping. Well, the O-ring behind the oil pump
had been compromised during instalatina and you were correct. The bike just dynode at 120hp/120 Torque.

Dave Harmon

TW9BG Cams
50MM Zippers TB
10.5/1 Pistons
Heads ported


I just wanted to share my results with you and your customers. I had Hillside Cycle
install the TW-7H with the 4 degree advance gear and then had it tuned at Joe’s Cycle.
My motor is otherwise stock. I cant believe the difference in power. The dyno sheet
shows the numbers but driving it is like driving a totally different bike. Thanks for a great product.



Upstate NY


Just got my bike back from the dealer after installing the cams you recommended.
Thanks for taking the time to recommend the perfect cam for my set up and riding style.
2010 Street Glide 96 ci with V & H Pro Pipe Chrome, Ness Big Sucker Stage I A/F,
Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner, Wood TW-6-6 Cams. Tuned at H D Bowling Green.
Bike runs great. Strong all the way through RPM range. Very satisfied with the gains.
Dyno sheet attached. Max Power = 94.73 Max Torque = 101.46.

Thanks again,

Tom Covington
Hopkinsville KY


I fitted a set of your tw5-6 cams in my 2007 FLHT 103 motor stage two
heads 10.33.1 comp etc. Wow the motor runs cooler and pulls very hard from
1800 to 6200 rpm limiter. The bike has a lumpy exhaust note with no more
shake at idle and the fuel consumption has improved. All this with a caned
TTS map so I cant wait until I get my bike dyno tuned.
The improvement over the Andrews 54h is amazing

Thank you Mr Wood
Brian Gorman


Dear Bob,
I recently purchased your night prowler cams, lifters, HD pushrods and
cams chain conversion kit. I followed your advice and had RC Cycle in
Hayward install and dyno my bike.
Once the parts were installed and the bike tuned I can’t tell you what a
difference it has made in the performance of the bike it even sounds different.
I just wanted to thank you for the superior parts and recommending RC Cycle to me.
Thanks again and should I ever need parts or can recommend you or RC Cycle, I will.

Happy Memorial Day

Jim Schell


I just wanted to Thank you for recommending Joe’s cycle. The bike is running much better & it
was a pleasure doing buisness with him. Again I Thank you and him for solving some
aggravating problems.

Dave Wilson


After running the WS6 cam from Cortez, CO to Reno, NV, I am nothing less than impressed.
This cam has the smoothest, flatest torque curve that I have had the joy of playing with! My
buddies are running 07 and 08 Street Glides with the big bore kits. They are amazed at how
my “small” 74″ shovelhead keeps up. I can’t wait until I can afford a stroker kit!
I have 1 question for you, what is the overlap on this cam? I have lost my spec sheet and
had a Harley engine builder ask me this. He too is very impressed with the performance of your cams.
Thanks again for taking the time to talk me into your cam over the phone a couple years ago.

Josh Alexander


Mr. Wood,
I installed the parts I purchased from you this past weekend (Cams, Lifters, Hydraulic Tensioner Conversion).
I am very pleased with the items you recommended. The bikes ridability is much improved due to what feels
like a much broader and flatter torque curve.

Thank you.
Mark Miles


Mr. Bob Wood
Installed the TW9BG cams and have been very happy at how they respond
to the throttle. Great pull and driveability. It was a good match for all my other
components and left me very impressed with your products. I do all sorts of
Harley repairs and modifications as well as engine building and have finally
found a cam product line I am happy with. I have been recommending your
cams in all my builds and have been very satisfied. I had my bike dyno’d at
Horsepower Express in Campbell California and was in shock when I saw
the numbers I was putting out. I will send a copy of my run sheet. Just wanted
to let you know you have another very satisfied customer.

My build as follows:
2006 95″ RoadGlide
RE Engineering port and polished heads .194 int .160 exh
Horsepower Inc. 51 mm Throttle Body
Tall K&N air cleaner
Wiseco 10.5:1 forged pistons
Timkin bearing conversion, trued flywheels and welded
Re-Geared Primary drive to 3.37:1 with GP design outer support bearing on compensator
Heavy Duty SE clutch with AIM centrifical lock up
Thunderheader 2 into 1 exhaust pipe – tuned.
Gear driven KNIGHT PROWLER .630 lift cams

Thank You

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